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Blog Envy

Maybe I am going through some kinda of pre-mid-life (since I fully intend to live beyond the age of 74) crisis.

Maybe I am just desperately looking for a medium that allows me to fully express myself (God help you all if this is it).

Maybe I am just bored with what I am doing these days, and want to explore more of the safer, thoroughly trampled areas of the Inernet before I make a foray into its wilder regions.

Whatever the reasons… I now have a blog.

In some ways, it feels like a resignation.  As if, despite how cliché it seems to me, I finally decided to stop resisting its haunting call and envelop myself in its comforting banality.  I feel like I am wrapping myself up in a warm, soft bourgeois woobie.

Yet… in other ways it feels like I am building a playground for my inner-child.  As such, this is likely the last semi-serious entry you will see.  I spend entirely too much time taking things seriously.  Here, I intend to make fun of everything and everyone (including myself).

Stay tuned… or don’t 🙂