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Dungeoneering for Non-Nerds

I pointed out in a previous post that, like any self-respecting nerd, I have played Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). I played it quite often when I was younger.  I own quite a few of the books, and an impressive collection of figurines.  But it occurred to me that, while most people have heard of it, not everybody has had the pleasure of actuallyContinue reading “Dungeoneering for Non-Nerds”

Literal Thinking

Ok, I’m serious here people. The word “Literally” is not used for emphasis. You were not literally “hanging by your fingernails”. You have never literally “flown through the air”. Sadly, you will never literally “die from starvation”. And, thankfully, it is unlikely you will ever be literally “scared shitless”. Please stop it. I don’t want to have to literally kill you.

I am Incredibly Retarded

Allow me to introduce the next example of “Words that are technically being used correctly, but don’t make any damn sense”. I introduced the concept in a previous entry with the word “Terrific” (which is just like “Horrific”, but somehow… good).  Today’s word is: Incredible. I am sure you use it, and hear it used all theContinue reading “I am Incredibly Retarded”

It Just Doesn’t Add Up

Frequently, when I come home from work, and after Karrie and the kids are asleep.  I retire to the Meditation Chamber (the Living Room) with some nourishing brain food (let’s just assume it’s Cheetos here) and enter my Thoughtful Position (nearly prone, on the couch).  This position allows for the optimal flow of blood to the brain, thus enabling meContinue reading “It Just Doesn’t Add Up”